Bioengineering is synonymous   to biotechnological engineering, biological engineering and biological systems engineering. All of those disciplines refer to an identical discipline or field of study.        Bioengineering refers to the use and applications of different methodologies and concepts for different real life problems.

This discipline use extensively use concepts of physics, chemistry, mathematics, and computer science and information technology along with biological stuffs for getting much effectiveness and efficiency in solving problems.  It is actually a hybrid discipline that is formed by combining the different aspects of engineering and biological sciences.
This discipline is of much importance in the modern civilizations, you might guess, in Tyres too: Pirelli, in example, spend a lot of effort in biotechnology to produce environment-respectfully Winter and Summer tyres Life sciences are experiencing their huge and unlimited possibilities with help of bioengineering.  It is one of the highest demanding professions in different industrial sectors as well as in    contemporary   job market.  The expertise and knowledge of this discipline is utilized in different sectors of commerce and industry.

Based on the applications of bioengineering, three different fields or subsectors are identified.   They are Biotechnology, Biomedicine and   Environment.  Each of these three fields represents a separate sub discipline under the discipline of bioengineering.

The biotechnology is often used as synonymous to Bioprocessing.  Biotechnology studies the reactions of physical and chemical elements with the biological entities to develop better and useful solutions to different real life problems.  Processing of food materials for greater utility is done under the biotechnology discipline.  Production of yogurts by applying particular kind of bacteria and making wines by manipulating the fruit juices in a sophisticated way etc are studied under this discipline.  Ensuring safety and quality of food along with packaging/ moving of food materials are the responsibilities that are imposed on the biotechnologists.  Optimum productivity of organisms   and précising of Marine /aquatic creatures or plants are managed under the supervision of biotechnology experts.

Medical instruments are designed, developed and tested by the   Biomedicine discipline.  Pharmaceuticals industries depends on biomedicine discipline for development of medicines that are derived by genetic modification   .  Different aiding instruments for supporting the movements of disabled persons are developed by using biomedicine expert ices.  For example, artificial electric limbs (hands or legs) cannot be reached to present effective status without the use of biomedicine.  Biomedicine has been creating effective interfaces for mechanical devices and humans.

Environment is always a concern for every discipline and biomedicine is not an exception to that. Conservations of natural resources and further enhancement of natures’ durability is studied under this discipline.  The quality and fertility of soils, green house productions system, forest resource management, wildlife protection etc are optimized by applying the knowledge and expertise of this discipline.

For ensuring the optimum use of long time protection of biological entities, the use of bioengineering has no alternative.

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