Bioinformatics is hybrid discipline that is concerned with manipulation of biological data. This discipline uses the information technology or computing technology extensively for performing different kinds of manipulations with the biological data.  Biological data is retrieved, stored, organized and analyzed very efficiently by this discipline.

Therefore, Bioinformatics is actually an interdisciplinary field that extends the use of information technology to biological sciences.  Nowadays, bioinformatics is regarded as influential and essential disciplines. For biological researches, there is no alternative   to bioinformatics. Especially in the genetic engineering and genome sequencing, a vast part of researches are concerned with the application of bioinformatics.

Bioinformatics professionals are trained in different areas engineering, mathematics and computer sciences    along with the biological science. By applying those knowledge, biological are dealt properly.  Database management software is used of storing data while computers are used for processing huge amount of data.  For efficient and effective data processing, different types of software and algorithm are used. Those software and algorithm development requires extensive knowledge on mathematics and computer sciences.  Often computer aided simulations and image processing are required for solving problems related to biological sciences. All of these tusks are efficiently and effectively handled by the bioinformatics professionals.  Diverse kinds of programming languages  (java, C#, C++, C, Perl , Ruby , Python  etc ) and tools  (spread sheet , MATLAB etc )are used in this field .  Different open sources and commercial software programs   are available for helping the bioinformatics professionals in their tasks.

Information is power.  And this power of information is extended to the biologists by the bioinformatics. For doing researches, biologists need to process vast amount of data that cannot be   processed manfully. Bioinformatics does that processing in a much shorter span of time.

The applications of bioinformatics are seen in every aspect of biological sciences. Every internal secret of living organisms can be unearthed by using bioinformatics.      Sequence analysis of DNA is a perfect example of this. By analyzing the DNA sequencing, scientists can investigate and unearth the internal secrets of living of micro organisms.  And after knowing that secrets, the respective microorganisms can be use manipulated in a way as desired by the biologists.

Pharmaceutical industry employs bioinformatics for discovering new kind’s o drugs.  Waste management science is taking help of bioinformatics for finding the suitable microorganism that can eat up the nuclear wastages.   Preventive medications or vaccines are getting more developed with help of bioinformatics   by accessing and manipulating the   respective molecular behaviors.  In short, human civilization does not afford to avoid the use of bioinformatics.

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